Quality Policy

Policy for quality, safety and the environment
The company believes in sustainability to achieve a long-term economic growth while respecting mankind and the environment.

The primary objectives of the Company are:

– the complete satisfaction of the Customer’s requirements, needs and expectations;
– compliance with the applicable mandatory requirements;
– the safety and health of employees and all those who carry out activities within the company or for the company;
– respect and preservation of the environment;
– constant research, aimed towards the continuous improvement.

In order to pursue these objectives with the utmost commitment, the Company establishes an Integrated Company Management System for Quality, Safety and the Environment, compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001, ISO 15378, UNI EN ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485, appropriate to the nature and severity of the quality, health, safety and environmental risks characteristic of the company. This system must be documented, implemented, maintained and reviewed periodically, so that its validity, effectiveness and adequacy with the company organization over time are ensured.

The company’s policy is to achieve these objectives through the analysis and assessment of risks, the control of all company processes, the prevention of defects, the search for product safety and reliability, the prevention of diseases and accidents at work, the prevention of pollution and the reduction of the environmental impact of its activities and, above all, the accountability and involvement of all staff, through knowledge of company policy and training on all aspects of the system in which each person is involved , in order to make personnel aware of the risks and individual obligations.
The quality, safety and environmental policy is available to all internal and external interested parties: it is displayed on the notice board and at the entrance, it is published on the company website, it is periodically reviewed to verify that it is always effective and appropriate for the organization.

In particular:

– For our customers it is of great importance to satisfy requirements such as: hygiene, cleanliness and quality.
– Compliance with the requirements of the laws and regulations in force is important for our company, such as: adoption and use of means of personal protection, adoption and compliance with accident prevention protections, adoption of means and procedures for respecting the environment.
– To pursue the continuous improvement of the Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System and business processes, the company management considers it essential to develop communication and dialogue between all parties.

On the occasion of the review of the Management System for Quality, Safety and the Environment, the Management establishes quantified and timed objectives annually, to pursue the continuous improvement of the quality of the product, the service offered, the safety and health of employees and environmental impact. These objectives are monitored and reviewed during subsequent review meetings.

It should be emphasized that the satisfaction of our customers is the best way to maintain a primary reputation on the market and that everyone’s commitment and research to meet their requests translates into continuous improvement, bringing moral and economic benefits.