All Capsulit products are made entirely within the company.
This happens thanks to a double production technology of aluminum and plastic and to automated assembly systems.

Production is managed according to the “Industry 4.0” logic. All machines are interconnected to the company information system, which allows continuous monitoring of production and automatic progress of orders.

“Capsulit” Production Departments

Aluminum processing departments

  • from aluminium coils
  • from aluminium sheets

Plastic processing departments

  • injection
  • IBM


  • for top cap
  • for child proof caps
  • for droppers
  • For various insert

Warehouse with radio-frequency system

“Capsulit Giglioli” Production Departments

PET bottle processing departments

  • PET stretch and blow molding injection
  • IBM injection and blow molding
  • extrusion blow blowing
  • injection molding
  • assembly of medical devices
  • screen printing

All Capsulit Giglioli productions take place in ISO8 certified clean rooms