Child proof

Child proof in plastic and child proof in aluminium with plastic cover

Child Proof

Child Proof

Certified ISO 8317 and FDA

Caps for pilfer proof bottle mouth (UNI 6144)

Available in the most used sizes

Available in PP and / or HDPE

A wide variety of liners ensures compatibility with each product both in liquid and solid form

Child Proof: cover cap

Child Proof: cover cap

Certified ISO 8317

To make Child Proof our aluminium caps

Available in the most used sizes

Dessicant insert

Dessicant Insert

We can supply some caps sizes with insert containing silicagel

All these caps are completely designed and realized by Capsulit at our internal in a specific department

Available in both plastic and aluminium versions and in child proof as well

Available also some other type of insert as the adaptor for syringes, droppers, pourers, and conical inserts

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