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Cookie Policy

Cookies are text files which are sent to the user’s computer from the websites visited.
Cookies are used to ensure that the websites function correctly, to enhance the user’s experience and to provide information to the owners of the website concerned.
Capsulit.it uses technical cookies to ensure that the website functions properly, limited to using and browsing the website’s contents.
Session cookies are used and their function is necessary to identify the single browsing sessions and enable the website to be used effectively and safely.
The site does not install cookies to collect and transmit sensitive information, and does not install persistent cookies designed to track the user.
If the user wishes to prevent cookies being installed on his/her system this can be achieved by changing the settings of the browser used.
It is important to note that disabling technical cookies could limit and/or compromise the use of some of the website’s functions.

Cookie Expiry date Description
viewed_cookie_policy 1 year Enables the banner to function; this banner informs that there are cookies present on the website.
PHPSESSID Expires when the browser is no longer used. Identifies the name of the current session.
SESS Expires when the browser is no longer used. This session cookie serves to identify the user and to remember the information the user has entered when moving from one page to another.
wfvt_4282308897 When the browser is no longer used. Tracks the access to the website
SID, SAPISID, APISID, SSID, HSID, NID, PREF The majority of these cookies expire 10 years after visiting a page that contains a google map. Stores the browsing preferences of the Google map and other parameters.


The capsulit.it website avails of the Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc., this service collects and processes statistically in an anonymous form the accesses and behaviour of the users on the websites on which the service is authorised. Capsulit.it uses the information collected and organised by Google Analytics to improve its service and its website.

Cookie Name Purpose
Google Analytics _utmt
The function of these cookies is to collect, process and organise information relating to how the website is used by visitors (for example, information about the time and date of the visit, the duration of the visit, the pages visited, the source of the traffic, etc.).
Further information on how Google collects and uses the data is available on the following link: www.google.it/policies/privacy/partners/ (or at another URL that Google may provide from time to time).


Managing Cookie
The user can prevent the website using cookies (completely or selectively), and can achieve this by changing the security/privacy settings of the browser used. The guides/tutorials for this purpose can be found by visiting the following links, the links explain in detail how to disable the cookies depending on the browser used.

The functions of Google Analytics can be excluded selectively by installing on the browser used the additional opt-out component made available by Google: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

Optional communication of data
The user has the freedom to provide his/her personal data for requests of information, registrations, compiling forms and other services, excluding the information described for the data which refer to browsing. Failing to provide these data may make it impossible to satisfy the requests and represent a limit in the use of the functions made available by the website.

Queries, reports and complaints
Please contact the website Owner: Capsulit S.p.A., Via Lombardia 5, 20877 Roncello MB Italy, info@capsulit. it for additional information or to send complaints regarding the privacy policies or the way the website owner/operator processes personal data.