Research & Development

The long experience in the pharma sector, the strict collaboration with the multinational pharmaceutical companies and our agile organization, are the key factors by which Capsulit plays today an important role in the realization of new products and new projects with our customers

R&D Capsulit centre
– analyses
– engineers
– develops
– industrializes
products and processes besides creating customized solutions

Capsulit is in the lead also in the following sectors:

Employees health and safety
OHSAS certification (integrated approach for job organization, safety managing and health protection)

Respect and Protection of the Environment
Reduction of the emissions and waste, limitation of the noisy emissions, interventions aimed to the reduction of energetic consumption

Ethical Code
application of principles concerning the respect of laws and of moral values towards all subjects

Social Responsibility
Local initiatives as gardening care, dishabled services, periodical invitations to school students